A reference of some of the published poems, essays and articles.


Media Diversified | War Poetry, The Rebels Artform

The Numinous | How To Marry Yourself

Slutever | Is It Feminist to Wear a Strap-on?

i-D | Why the Web is a Woman's World

i-D | Why 2016 Wasn't a Total Disaster


Al Waqt Al Aan  | Wasafiri, 2018

He Never Ended | The London Magazine, 2018

How To Love A Poet | The London Magazine, 2018

Grenfell Rising | Dazed, 2018

He Sounded Just Like Me | Sukoon, 2018

Voice of Earth | The International Times, 2017

The Civil War | The Black Flamingo zine, Tate Britain, 2017

Tidal Beauty | Manifesto of Self-defence, ICA, 2017

Voice of Earth | Tribe de Mama, 2016


The Economy of Sisterhood [essay]

Smashing It, Saqi Press, 2019

Silent Messenger [poem]

Poems for a Green and Blue Planet, Hatchette Kids, 2019

Clitterbug and Out of Sight, Out of Mind [2 poems]

Anti-hate Anthology, Spoken Word London, 2019

Where Am I? [poem]

It All Radiates Outwards, Verve Poetry Press, 2018

Definition of Sisterhood and Ghost of My Future Self

Smear, New River Press, 2018

Solo poetry and essay chapbooks

Trust Your Outrage, self published, 2020

The 4th Brain, Prowl House Books, 2017

Polyphonic Scars, Self-published, 2015

Down the Rabbit Hole, Self-published, 2012

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