TEDx: How Language Creates Mental Health

A philosophical exploration of how we code our reality through the words we use. Told in spoken word at TEDxYorkUniversity.


He Sounded Just Like Me

Filmed by Madonna Adib. This video won the Out-Spoken Prize for Performance Poetry 2018.

How To Be a Tide

You don't always have to, and won't always, be the best of yourself.



A response to increased misogynistic homophobic hate crimes. This poem is about the public lesbian experience.


Voice of Earth

Commissioned by Tribe de Mama. Video first aired on The Numinous.


How to Love a Poet

An 11 point guide on exchanging hearts with a difficult bitch. Filmed by Muddy Feet Poetry.

Definition of Sisterhood

Unpacking the word 'sister' in order to activate the word from it's passive usage.



Out of Sight, Out of Mind

A short montage film for the poem that explores where your mind goes when you lose it.

Made by lisa luxx, instrumental by Mnkee.