luxx has worked closely with Kirklees Council to develop the Shelf Help program for high schools - an educational project that teaches creative writing as a survival technique. Her workshops are based on a current and diverse reading selection including BAME and LGBTQIA authors tackling issues of identity, sexuality, body confidence and mental health while also revealing the literary techniques used in grime and other rap genres. She facilitates poetry and lyric writing workshops to young people who are struggling either with academia, mental health or issues at home.


Boomsatsuma sent luxx to Athens as part of Borderlines festival to facilitate performance poetry workshops with a group of young LGBT+ refugees. They worked together on developing ideas, as well as practising performance technique and building confidence in their voice. It was in partnership with the Greek activist organisation Emantes.

Luxx has also been funded by Huddersfield University to develop a community project which she has used to bring together migrant women from varying backgrounds to create an EP of poetic songs. The project aims to generate a small income for the local churches who are supporting the new migrants in the area with language classes and socials.


As part of her Honey Eyes project funded by Arts Council England, luxx has set up a series of workshops for people like her also affected by adoption and fostering. The aim of which is to equip people with the tools to reclaim their narrative, tell their story and find others who can empathise with them.


Since her marriage to herself in 2016, luxx runs 'love poems to yourself' workshops around Valentines Day every year. These are open to the public and will be advertised via her social channels.